Leicester City sergeant who won 6 games in a league stacked opening alkyl Power Stadium against Middlesbrough Middlesbrough won four of five games after sbobet thai in the big match of the league championship .

Nigel Pearson, manager of Leicester sent Jamie Navarro with David New Regent matching mesh intact sbo the steam Torquato Tauranga Spaniard of Hillsboro, sent Grant. Lee ‘s router bits , Dean Whitehead is a key middle man .

Through the first half to just over 8 minutes to change out Liam Lester Moore, center- off the field. Due to injury sending sbo Marcin Wasilla Levski to play instead.

Then, 29 minutes, midfielder Matthew James defenders are paid by Jamie Vartan Andy sbo left-foot shot into the left side of the penalty box.

And minutes later , Grant Lee Borough chance router bits midfielder shot straight the Hashemite Michael Casper .

Final 42 minutes of the first half game striker Andy Varma Leicester beat right out of the box sbo first half ended with both teams tied 0-0.

51 minutes into the second half leading 1-0 , David Lester New Legend has it that JJ Hardy made ​​a goalscoring right foot 16 yards long spin lattice.

69 minutes Rees Williams quarterback Marlborough foul Navarro Author in the penalty area , the referee Steve Martin a blow to Leicester penalty immediately, but David New Regent penalty feet. right next to Shay Given saved sbo enables defenders to score the second rat .

Lester was brought to 72 minutes until it is 2-0 when James threw the ball to Matthew Ritchie de ramp strike sbo 6 yards in the box to the right, not left .

For the rest , no goal to finish 90 minutes Leicester City Middlesbrough beat Manchester United 2-0 to add a soaring 60 points sbo the crowd leaving the Queen’s Park second team to 8 points, but more than one race . shot